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Year 5/6



Dear children and families,

Who could have known that we would be ending the school year like this? It really is the strangest of times. It has been a challenging few months but in some ways also a time to be proud to see so many of you taking on the challenge of learning in new ways.

Well done. We've missed you. You have been brave. We have been proud.

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in September to say a proper 'bye from year 5.


God bless

Stay safe


Mrs Fitz and the Year 5 team


The email address is:


Hello! Welcome to our 'virtual' classroom! Over the next few days, Mr Sellors and I will be putting on some different tasks for you to complete over the next few weeks. You can find already a list of useful links to sites which we have been using over the last few months. I'm really excited to add a music link too, there are a few different types of music program your little musician can follow, from singing to theory, from recorder to clarinet and from keyboard to guitar and violins. I will send the usernames and passwords out separately. I'm also going to get Mrs Fitz TV up and running so I can add suitable videos to support our home learning. Finally, I'm hoping to keep up with reading a class novel, we're currently reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (we've just finished Kensuke's Kingdom) and

it would be great if you guys could join along. You can get it on Kindle for £1.99 or it's available on Amazon from £5.56. I will hopefully be reading it on YouTube (once Mrs Fitz TV is up and running!). Last but not least, the Briars team are producing their usual daily podcasts and I'd urge everyone to have a watch, they're often quite funny and ALWAYS informative and prayerful.

Take care and stay well.

God bless.

Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mr Sellors and the 5SF team.


PS, You will need to register for a FREE beta parent account for Classroom Secrets Kids. You can then access any of the resources I add from there. Sorry if you've not got on those so far, it's just been flagged with me! Mrs Fitz



Here are various links to different websites you may find useful.




Click on ‘tablet’

Password: jk1015

The finger swipe is an L (starting on the left hand side at the top of the L).






Spelling, punctuation and grammar




Maths and SPaG


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Select year 5



NDCYS (Briars) Youth outreach team.