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Year 4

Friday 10th July

Hi year 4, 

           Because it is the last week of term and the last week of your school year before we break up we have decided to give you lots of nice Summer themed home learning \key worker lessons this week . It has been the strangest year in all of the 30 years I have been a teacher . I have really missed you all and I have ,I have really missed teaching you in the classroom and I have really missed seeing all of your parents and families too . I hope that lots of you have enjoyed the home learning lessons we have made for you and that you have been keeping up with times tables, reading and spelling, please try to do a little bit of this even over the summer holidays. Please don't worry about coming back to school in September , we will all be in the same position , even the teachers so it will be strange to all of us after being off for so long . We will all look after one another and every teacher is planning a really nice week of activities and lessons for you all based on the same book (just like when the whole school did " The Dot" and "Only One You " .We are all looking forward to things being more like normal and having lots of fun in school. I want you to know how proud Mrs Coyle and I are of you for every little bit of work you have done at home and for staying safe and protecting others - you have truly been stars. Thank you to anyone who has sent in photographs too , it has made us so happy to see your smiling faces.

I am going to share a few photographs with you of some fun times we had in year 4 . Mr Bowley asked me to say hi to you too - he said to tell you you wouldn't recognise him at the moment as with hairdressers being closed his hair has grown so much he looks like Santa !

 Have a lovely weekend and look out for a video message from Mrs Coyle and I next week on the website- Mt=rs Coyle wrote the lovely poem on it especially for you .

  Love Miss White and Mrs Coyle 

Fun times in 4W......

Thursday 2nd July

Hi year 4 - I am a day early putting this message and your work on this week .

I hope you are all well . We have all missed so many things this term haven't we ? You have been amazing , staying home for so long to protect the NHS and other people. You have also been amazing at trying to do the work that I have put on here for you .I know it has been hard to try and concentrate , keep motivated and learn at home.I know that some of you will have found it harder than others for lots of reasons but I want you to know that I am pleased with every little bit of effort that you have made if you are a key worker child in school every day doing the work on here or if you ate at home and have sent me photographs of your work or if you have just been doing lots of reading, learning to cook , planting seeds and keeping busy and happy I am proud of absolutely all of you.

Because we have missed the 2 transition days ( the days where you move up to your next class ) we decided this week to do  some transition day type tasks - a letter to your new teacher, a getting to know you art task and a vipers task about school - I hope you enjoy them.

We will also soon be able to let you know what you will hopefully  be doing in September  as we have planned some great new topics for you and a special week the first week back doing a whole school project about one of my favourite books ( we will let you into this secret soon ) . 

Have a lovely weekend and we hope to see you all soon.

Stay safe  Miss White and Mrs Coyle.

just some of the fantastic work that was sent in this week - thank you .

Friday 26th June 

Good morning year 4 , I hope you are all doing okay .You have been amazing staying at home and keeping safe all of this time. I know you will have missed all of the things that usually happen in school this time of year like sports days and the summer fair and transition days (where you visit your new class ) . We are going to put some transition day work on here before the end of term and then the first week back in September we have a lovely whole school project planned for you - just like the kind of things we normally do when we visit our new class. I have really enjoyed seeing some RE and Science work from some of you this week and some amazing shape poems and I am looking forward to seeing your Tree of Life artwork too. I hope you enjoyed the nice weather and managed to keep cool yesterday when it was so hot. Have a nice weekend - I am putting some new work on for next week and Mrs Coyle will add spellings today too.

Take care , stay safe and keep smiling .

Love Miss White and Mrs Coyle 

Friday 19th June

Good morning Year 4 - what a soggy , wet morning it is ! I hope you are all well and I hope you enjoy the new lessons I am just putting on for you.I really enjoyed seeing some of your Monet art work and I had a fantastic diary entry about Monet's garden from Kyrillos - all tea stained to make it look old , I loved it.This week we are looking at a new artist,Gustav Klimt, one of my favourite artists , I hope you like his work too . The painting of Klimt's that we are going to use is called"The Tree Of Life"so all of our English and Art tasks for the next two weeks are based on trees.It was good to get a photo of Marley using tree branches to make a fantastic den , he will be taking over from Mr Gotheridge and running forest schools with those skills. Keep up the great work and please keep sending us your photographs, Remember to do your spellings , reading and times tables as well as the other tasks. If you have been enjoying learning any other new skills or hobbies it would be lovely to see photographs of these too. Well done to all of the Yr4 keyworkers children , you have done some beautiful work this week with Mrs Wyles and Mrs Coyle , I am glad you have enjoyed the tasks and your Monet boxes were fantastic .

Have a lovely weekend - love to you and your families from Miss White and Mrs Coyle

Marley's brilliant den and the fantastic diary work by Kyrillos and Oliver made me so happy this week

Friday 12th June 

Good morning Year 4.I really hope that you have all managed to keep busy and find nice things to do, as well as your work this week with the weather not being so nice. I am just adding your new work for next week - I hope you enjoy learning about Claude Monet and his beautiful garden , I would love to visit and have a look around it. This week i have read the story to you for literacy - you will have to forgive my camera skills as it was really hard to film it myself and read it at the same time. I want you to write a super diary from the point of view of one of the characters and I  would love to read some of them. I have had two super stories this week one from Kyrillos and one from Alfie so a special mention to both of you - WELL DONE . I was also really pleased to see that Zuzanna and Grace had made a great job of the Artist fact file and artwork whilst they have been at school in our key worker group. Special mention to Mrs Coyle too as she was more excited than the children to have a go at painting in the style of an artist. I am also adding a nice 3.D collage task for art -  I hope you managed to save a box ready for it.

I have just spoken to Mr Bowley this morning - he had just come back from his daily walk and says Hello to you all.

Mrs Coyle and I send our love to you and to all of your families.Keep up the good work and keep smiling .

Love Miss White.


Friday 5th June

    Hello again year 4 , I hope you are all well and staying safe.Thank you for the emails and photographs of work. Kyrillos ,we loved your story about Rainbow Steam and Marley your collage was beautiful. It was also nice to see that some of our keyworker children enjoyed doing the storty about  an adventure inside a picture in an art gallery, The work for the next few weeks is based on art and artists - new work for literacy and art is going on soon so keep your eyes open. Your new spellings and more RE are also being added, .Please try to save a few things ready for an art task that will soon be coming up - I have put a list of things to gather on here.

I hope that the sunny weather comes back soon as I know it makes things more enjoyable for most of you whilst you are having to stay at home.I hope you have all had some walks , bike rides and fresh air - it was really nice to see Jack T when he was on a bike ride last week. When I went for a walk I saw some brilliant scarecrows - have you seen any near your house or made one ? I will put the photo on for you to see.Take care year 4 , we hope to see you soon.

Miss White & Mrs Coyle xxx

Thursday 28th May

     Hi year 4 . I hope that you have enjoyed the lovely weather over half term and I hope that by the next holiday things will be much better so that you can all go out.Mrs Coyle has a lovely birthday and Niamh and Lauren put up some great decorations and made her a lovely afternoon tea . I am just going to put some new work on for you ready for Monday and the start of a new half term.

Well done with all of last terms design work on your inventions - this next lot of work is also very creative as it is all linked to famous artists.

I have put some new R.E work on and we are adding new English , Art ,Science and spellings.There are 4 English lessons to write a story and a Vipers reading lesson this week. Please try to keep doing some reading , maths and times tables too . I am going to say goodbye now as its nearly time to go out for the 10th and final NHS clap- its hard to believe we have done it for so long. I have got another funny photo of James, the next doors cat ,to share with you - he thinks he is a plant !! Keep sharing your lovely photographs with us too please. 

   We love you and miss you Miss White and Mrs Coyle


Is my neighbour growing a cat tree ?

Friday 22nd May

Good morning 4W - thank you for the lovely work and photographs you have sent in again this week .We have got a display wall in school where we are putting up the photos you send as well as putting them on our school Facebook. Remember to do your spelling test today .There  are no spellings and  work that you have to do next week as it is half term but I will leave this weeks work on here so you can finish that if you want to.The other thing I am just going to put on are some fun STEM and art activities as I know a lot of you enjoyed these over Easter. The main thing I want you all to do over half term is keep smiling and being happy-have fun outside and enjoy the nice weather .

It is Mrs Coyles's "SPECIAL" birthday tomorrow - she will be 50 , she was supposed to be going on holiday and having a big party but because of the Virus she can't do that .I will wish her a happy birthday from all of you, from a safe distance, and maybe you would like to draw a picture  or send a photo in to our email so she gets to see it - that would really make her happy. 

Please remember to keep saying your Hail Mary during the month of May and well done to Kyrillos for making a beautiful prayer area in your home to honour Mary. Stay safe and enjoy half term .

Love Miss White & Mrs Coyle 

Mrs Coyles 50th

Mrs Coyle as a little girl.

special mention to Oliver and Kyrillos for keeping sending amazing work - WELL DONE

some fun STEM tasks you may enjoy -ask an adult to help

Get creative - what other leaf animals can you come up with ? Somebody do me an Alpaca - that would make my day !

Friday 15th May

    Good morning year 4. How are you all doing ? It has been really nice to see some of the work and fun things you have been doing . This week I have been really impressed by Oliver who made a great advert for his invention and well done Jack T for making your own literacy ladder , that made me really happy.

This morning I am planning and putting on next weeks literacy for you , some story writing now ,as you have done lots of non fiction in the last few weeks(there will be a Vipers reading task this week too ) .I want your story to be about a rainbow so I have made this weeks art and DT a rainbow task too - I cant wait to see what you come up with.

Our new RE topic starts Monday - I will leave the link on for the last one so if  you haven't finished it ,or still want it its there.

Please remember to learn and test your spellings too.

          SPECIAL TASK

It should have been the May procession on Sunday and May is the month of our lady so can you remember to say a hail Mary and it would be nice if you could have a go at making something to honour Mary - you could make a frame with a colouring of Mary in and decorate it with flowers or make a statue and put it next to a vase of flowers to make a little prayer area at home . I'll put a picture with a few ideas and I would be so happy to see any of yours as I will miss seeing all of our school doing the May procession this year - if you send pictures to my email of anything you make for Mary I will make sure the parishioners see them too on the church Facebook page.

Please remember to keep doing TT Rockstars . online reading (and Lexia if you do it ) hope you are all okay with your login and passwords.


I know that it feels like we have been at home for a long time now and some of you may be struggling a little bit - please try and do some of the work but pick the things you enjoy and feel motivated to do - its okay if you have found a different project that you are enjoying learning about , its okay not to do every little thing I put on . All I want is for you to have a go and to be happy and safe. Some days you may not feel like sitting writing so I've put a picture that shows other things you can do that are also learning and a picture of me doing some things to stay busy to inspire you. 

Have a good week - we miss you lots .

Love Miss White & Mrs Coyle xxx

Monday 11th May 

    Morning year 4 ,just a quick message to start the week.We hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to do something for V.E Day - here are some photographs or Mrs Coyle's house and mine with our flags up and we remembered to dress up like I promised you . Well done Jasmine for making lovely decorations and for making enough cakes to share with your neighbour .Also well done Joseph for an excellent invention of a Dog patting machine. Look at Joseph's new puppy ,Bonnie, shes beautiful.

     Your literacy and RE work is on our page for this week .

An evaluation sheet for when you have finished your model is going on today too.

Please remember to go on TT Rockstars , you can do this on your own and we have noticed some of you havent been on it for  long time - the link is in general resources section on website.

     Stay safe - love Miss white and Mrs Coyle xx

Thursday 7th May

     Hello again year 4 , just a quick message to say have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend . It  made me so happy to see Oliver has made the V.E day bunting I put on here - beautiful colouring too ! I've just made some bunting to put up outside my house and I've found my red ,white and blue clothes for tomorrow. I'm doing a quiz on Face time with my friends , its my turn to set the questions this week , have any of your families done quizzes?

Jasmine and Lucy the Power Points you made were brilliant , that's a great skill to have too. Alfie ,thank you for my letter , it made my day yesterday . Mrs Coyle and I have also enjoyed seeing the photographs that you sent to the school email when Mr Lobb has put them on Facebook - its amazing for us to hear that you are enjoying the work .

   I'm just going to put your English and D.T .work on for next week. Mrs Coyle will put spellings on too - remember to do your test . 

Have a lovely weekend and give my love to all of your family .

                                                 We miss you - Miss White & Mrs Coyle xx

Hi Year 4,

        I hope you are all well. It's been nice seeing some of your work . Please do not worry about any of the work if you are struggling or have days when you don't feel like it. It's hard doing it at home, I understand . I hear that some of you are enjoying lots of other things like baking , crafting , exercise and just playing and that is all great - all that matters right now is that you and your mums and dads are happy and safe - you are learning lots of new skills by doing these other activities too. I hope you are going to have ago at making a poster for your window for V.E. day - I found some photographs of the staff from when we dressed up for V.E .day a few years ago and thought they might make you smile .

Take care , stay safe and keep smiling , we love and miss you .

Miss White & Mrs Coyle. xx

Mr Bowley says hello - he's keeping fit with lots of gardening and dancing to the radio , bet that made you laugh !


Hi Year 4 ,

I hope you had another good week . It was nice to see some of your work on Facebook and on the emails. Mrs Coyle and myself want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to any of you who were in the video that was made for the teachers - it was so beautiful that it made us both cry.

I've just been out to do the clap for the NHS , Mrs Checkley lives over the road from me so its nice to see here each week , tonight we sang Happy Birthday to Captain Tom too . Did any of you make a card for him ? What an amazing man .

I hope you found all of your work for the new R.E topic - lots of nice tasks to do. Remember to do your spelling test too - Mrs Coyle is putting the new ones on.

In Topic -DT this week i want you to carry on making your model of your invention , (whichever one you chose from Wallace and Gromit's catalogue ) and then write an evaluation of it - what was good and why ? what would you do better if you made it again.

In English you are going to design a persuasive poster to advertise your invention and then write a television advert as though you are trying to sell it . I cant wait to see what you come up with .

Also this week I want you to do something for V.E day- ill put some ideas on .

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe .

Love Miss White and Mrs Coyle   

Hi 4W I’m missing you

Still image for this video