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Year 3

Our Wonderful Year 3 Class!


We can't believe that it is the last day in year 3 today.  How we wish we could all be enjoying the day together, playing games and having fun.  We just wanted to say once again that we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching such a hard working, kind and caring class.  We know that each and every one of you will achieve great things in year 4 and we know your new teacher and teaching assistant are very much looking forward to having you...again :-)



We are so proud of you all for all your hard work and enthusiasm during lockdown and I'm sure your parents are very proud of you too.  We hope you have a wonderful summer break and can't wait to see you all in September.


Take care, keep smiling :)


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang xxx

We have made you a little gift. You could print it, frame it, stick it on a canvas or even in a scrapbook.

Good morning year 3!


We hope you are well and have had a wonderful week.


It is nearing to the end of term and we just want to say how proud we are of you and all your hard work.  It is so lovely seeing all your photos and the amamzing work you have been completing at home.


Next week we have set you the task of writing a letter to your new teacher.  Although you may not know who they are yet, make sure you tell them all about you, your hobbies and interests.   The art task is similar as you have to design a t-shirt which is all about you, your intrests and hobbies.  It would be wonderful if you could send in your photos.


Your RE, science and literacy tasks are in the folders ready to start on Monday.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend.  We really do miss you and wish we could be together in school, learning and having fun.


Have a wonderful weekend-take care and keep safe.


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang xxx

Hello Year 3!


What gorgeous weather we have had!  I hope you have enjoyed your gardens and the outdoors this week.  


We have been so impressed with your work-you have created fabtastic poems, paintings, models, posters and videos.  Well done!


I hope you did well on your spelling test.  This weeks' spellings are in the literacy folder, ready for you to learn next week. Please check the RE, Literacy and Science folders for your new tasks but remember the art task is continued from last week.


Have a look at our school facebook page later today, there may be something you will all enjoy watching!


As always, take care, keep safe, keep smiling and keep positive.  


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne  & Mrs Lang xxx



Hello year 3!


We hope you had a wonderful week.  It has been a little wet, to say the least, so I hope you have found plenty of things to keep you busy.


Your new tasks for next week are ready and waiting.  I can't wait to see your art work this week, which is all based on Gustav Klimt's 'Tree Of Life'.  


Please read this week's newsletter from Mr Lobb.  We know you are all trying hard at home and it can be difficult to manage the balance of home life, school work, work and day to day tasks.  You are all doing so well and we are all very proud of you for what you are achieving.  Thank you!


Keep smiling, keep active and keep positive.


With Love,


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang xxx



Some things to start saving for art tasks over the next few weeks

Good morning year 3.


We hope you had a wonderful weekend although it did rain a little.  


You will find all this week’s tasks in the literacy, art, science and RE folder.  Miss White has been busy recording a story for you!


Please remember to visit the Bug Club website so that you are keeping on top of reading your school reading scheme books. 


Also, if you enjoy yoga and like listening to stories then visit Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. India and I enjoy the Cosmic Kids Dance Party the most! Have fun.


As always year 3, take care and keep smiling.


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne & Mrs Lang xxx


Week Commencing 8th June 2020


Hello year 3!


I hope you have had a lovely week.  We have had some rain this week so I hope you found lots of things to keep busy inside.


Have you seen the pictures of the self portraits?  They are fantastic!  As always, keep up the great work.


I have put your new spellings in our literacy folder.  I hope you did well in your spelling test today.


Also check the Literacy, Science, RE and Art folder for your new tasks starting next week (week commencing 8th June).


I hope you have fun year 3 and, as always, keep smiling and staying positive.


Bye for now,


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang

1st June 2020

Good morning Year 3.


I hope you and your families had a lovely half term holiday.  Once again, we were blessed with such gorgeous weather.  


I hope you are all well, keeping safe, staying positive and happy.  Have you learnt any new skills recently?  As you all know, my drawing skills are not very good and India is always asking me to draw her animals so I decided to have a go. It's amazing what you can do when you just try.  I wonder what you think of my frog, he he!  See the picture below this message :-)  



This week we want you to write a story all about going through a painting.  We really hope you enjoy this task as it allows your imagination to travel through a painting and discover what is there and tell us what happens to you.  It is all explained in the literacy folder but, as always, any problems or questions, please email us.


There is also a VIPERS activity which is based on one of my favourite paintings.


Please log into Bug Club as this shows us that you are continuing to read your reading scheme books and we can update your reading scheme level once we are back at school.



Please keep using TTRock Stars as your multiplication knowledge is so important and I really hope you enjoy playing.


Your weekly tasks are now in the maths folders-please keep trying these tasks and remember, we're only an email away if you need help.



We have started a new topic all about 'Choices'-what choices we have made, why we have made them, have they made other people happy or sad.  The Prime Minister has had to make a lot of choices recently-who else makes lots of choices?  Can you think about stories in the Bible where people have had to make choices?  Have they been the right or wrong choice?



I'm really excited to see what you create in your art tasks this week.  Please send pictures if you can.  All tasks are in the Art folder.



This topic's science lessons are all about Electricity.  It made me think about all electricity and technology we have used during Lockdown.  Can you imagine if we didn't have things such as the internet!!!  


Have a wonderful week children.  Try your best but remember, we do not expect every task to be completed.  We hope to give you plenty of choice, we are trying to set you creative and engaging tasks that you will enjoy and also keep you nice and busy :-)


Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces very soon,


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne & Mrs Lang xxx


Look at my new skill πŸ˜†

Friday 22nd May 2020


Good morning year 3.  I hope you have had a fantastic week.  Once again we have been blessed with gorgeous weather.  Did you have fun in your garden?


In the literacy folder, I have put your new spellings.  Good luck with your spelling test today.


Miss White has found some lovely activities for half term and she has very kindly shared them with us!  I have created a folder with these activities in if you want to have a go over half term.


Have a wondeful Friday everyone.  


Keep smiling, keep safe and have a lovely half term holiday.


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne & Mrs Lang xxx

Friday 15th May 2020


Good morning Year 3.  I hope you are all well today and are ready to enjoy the lovely weather.


Thank you so much for the lovely pictures of your work.  We have been so impressed with your efforts and fantastic adverts, powerpoints, poems and posters.  Take a look in our Photo folder for new pictures of work and even a video from Hnery!  A huge well done to you all: the positivity, smiles and effort just goes to show what special children you all are. Well done!


I have put next week's spellings in the literacy folder.  


If you enjoy numeracy, have a look at the website 'Maths Is Fun'.  There are lots of numeracy games to keep those mathamagicians happy :-)


Bye for now-take care and keep smiling.


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang xxx





Good morning year 3.


I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend.  We were so lucky to have such glorious weather!  It was wonderful to see lovely pictures of you all celebrating.  Have a look in our photo folder to see your friends celebrating a very important day.


In the literacy folder you will find this week's literacy work and this week's new spellings. I have also added an evaluation sheet in the Topic for you to complete for your amazing inventions.


Have you managed to log in to the Bug Club website?  Do let us know if you have any problems and we can sort it out quickly for you. Also, as you were doing so well with your timestables tests in school, please don't forget to log into TTRockstars and continue rehearsing your tables facts.  Timestables are so important in numeracy-see if you can get creative by making up games, learning rhymes or patterns when practising. 


Once again, keep up the great work.  Remember, we don't expect every single piece of work to be completed but hope that you can have a go, try your best, be creative and keep smiling!


Take care and keep safe,


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang xxx

Hello Year 3!


We hope you are all well? It looks like it’s going to be lovely and sunny over the next few days 😎


There is a little message from Mrs Ford in our ‘Photos’ folder.


Keep smiling 😊

Good morning year 3.  We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  


It is VE Day this Friday and we would like you all to have a special day celebrating!


To mark this special day, we would like you to create a poster for VE Day and place it in your window, just like the wonderful rainbows that so many of you have created. As you all know, Miss White loves a bit of dressing up so she has challenged us all to dress up in red, white and blue to mark this special day.  I wonder how many of you also like having a bit of fun and dressing up?  We look forward to seeing your photos!  Finally, can you create something for VE Day?  Take a look at the pic-collage and the link for some ideas.


Don't forget to look in the literacy and RE folders as there is some updated work ready for you.


Take care and keep smiling :-)



It has been absolutely wonderful to receive photos of you all doing your work and of the amazing inventions you have created. I’m so very proud of you all. Keep up the amazing work and, as I can see from your photos, keep smiling 😊

Happy Friday Year 3!


Did you get a good score in your spelling test?


I have put the new spellings in the literacy folder for next week.


It has been so lovely seeing photos of your amazing inventions.  I will put a few pictures on here so you can see your friends and their amazing ideas.


Take care, keep safe and keep smiling :-)



Good afternoon Year 3!


I hope you are all well and smiling :-)


I have set you all your reading books on the Reading Bug website.  You can choose any book from the book band I have set you.  There may be some books you have read already so you don't need to read them again.  If you have any problems or questions, you can now email me and Miss Kilbourne.


As always, take care and keep smiling :-)



Hello Year 3!


First of all THANK YOU for that wonderful video. It was so lovely to see your faces. I really can’t wait to see you all again. 


Also, I was absolutely delighted to see photos of you and your wonderful creations and working away at home. Keep sending them in as you really have brightened up my day. 


I thought I’d show you a picture of what me, India and Jaxon have been doing. Of course we made my favourite animal πŸ˜  I wonder if you could make one?


Take care and bye for now πŸ‘‹πŸ» 


Mrs Ford xxx

Hello everyone!


How lucky have we been to have such wonderful weather! I know there is some rain β˜”οΈ on the way so that’s why we have thought of some design technology tasks that will keep you busy if you have to stay indoors. 


They are all in the ‘Art’ folder and are linked to your literacy task.  We are really looking forward to seeing what inventions you create. Remember to send any pictures to the school email address.


As always, missing you all and really looking forward to seeing you all back at school. 


Keep being wonderful and keep smiling! 


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang xxx



Good morning Year 3.


What another beautiful morning.  


I hope you have had a lovely week.  Do you like the new topic?  It's very creative and all about using your imagination, which I know are all wonderful.


I hope you did your spelling test this morning.  I will put your new spellings in the literacy folder.  Remember to learn them ready for next Friday's spelling test.


Keep safe, keep smiling, keep laughing, keep dancing, keep singing.  It all helps.


Bye for now!


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang 


Happy Friday, year 3!


I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and haven't eaten all your chocolates just yet :-)


Here are the answers to the quiz.  I hope you did well.



Hello year 3!


I hope you are all well, keeping busy and staying safe at home.  Has anyone mastered a new skill yet?  I can't wait to hear all about them when we see each other again :-) 


In the Topic and literacy folder are your new task s all about this term’s new topic. We  hope you enjoy them and can be as creative as possible. Take as many photos as possible.


Have fun everyone!



Happy Easter, year 3. I hope you are all enjoying family time and this lovely weather. I know it’s very strange not being at school but I do hope that you are smiling and trying your best to be the best that you can be ☺️

Hello year 3. We hope you and your families are well and are finding lots of things to keep you busy. 


Take a look at these STEM activities to have a go at while you are at home. They are really fun.  I’m definitely getting India to make her own rainbow 🌈.


Don’t forget to do your spelling test tomorrow. Good luck 🀞🏼


Stay home, stay safe and keep smiling πŸ˜ƒ


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang 

Good afternoon year 3.  I hope you and your families are all well. Miss White has created a superb quiz for you all. I wonder how many questions you can answer. Good luck! 

Year 3 & 4 End of Term Quiz

Good morning year 3.  What another gorgeous day.  I have been uploading some more activities so please check out the literacy, science and topic folders.  We are trying to make sure you have plenty of activities, but it's also a great opportunity to spend time in the garden, playing, reading and getting creative.  I wonder if anyone has learnt a new skill yet?  I can't wait to hear all about it.


Take care, be good and keep smiling :-) 

A warm hello to all our wonderful year 3 class.  On this page you will be able to find lots of activities to keep you busy!  We aim to make learning at home engaging and exciting but if you need any questions answering, please send an email to school and we will happily help.

Have fun, keep learning and stay safe.


Mrs Ford, Miss Kilbourne and Mrs Lang

This timetable is just a suggestion of how you could plan your daily learning routine.  It is only a suggestion but is fairly similar to a school day and is only there as guidance, should you need it.
Wake up Free play/breakfast
9:00 Learning Activities-focus on two different subjects e.g. numeracy and literacy.
10:30 Break/snack/outdoor play
10:45 Movement activity-#PEwithJoe on YouTube, for example.
11:15 Learning activities-focus on two different subjects e.g. numeracy and literacy.
12:30 Lunch/outdoor play
1:30 Learning activities-choose one activity such as a topic research based activity.
2:15 Break/snack
2:25 Continue activity.
3:00 Story time 
3:30 Games and Puzzles