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World Book Day 2021

It's time to celebrate World Book Day on Friday 5th March (and the last day of school at home for so many of you!)


Miss White has put together a pick and mix of great activities for you to try out through the day....... we'd love to see what you create!   


Can you .......


write a letter to your favourite book character?  Create the cast of your favourite books out of toilets rolls(!)?  Make a Gruffalo Crumble?  Make a bookmark?  Or even just read or write a story for a friend or relative?

Have you got a spare wooden spoon?  Can you turn it into a book character to help brighten up our school when you come back ...... maybe it could live in the library or on a windowsill in a corridor?
Fancy a book based scavenger hunt?  
Want even more?  Have a look here.....