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Weekly Liturgies

On this page, are prepared Liturgies  that families or older children  could do at home that links to coming Sunday. 


2 April 2020

Preparing for the Sunday Readings for Palm Sunday.



Palm (Passion) Sunday


Let us begin by making the Sign of the Cross.

Let us take a moment to remember Jesus is the prince of Peace and he shared the light of his love with us all.

Maybe you could light a candle and listen to ‘Cannons’ by Phil Wickham – why not sing along?


Matthew 21:1-11

The Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem


Many people had come to celebrate the Passover, this is the great feast the Jews shared together each year to remember how God had saved them from slavery in Egypt.  Jerusalem was so crowded at this time.

I don’t like being in a large crowd, do you?

I think Jesus chose to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey to show the crowds he was the king of peace, riding on a meek and gentle donkey and that he was  not a soldier.  What do you think?

Where do you think they got the psalm leaves from as they shouted ‘Hosanna, Hosanna!’ which means praise God.

If we were in Mass on Sunday, we would hear a long version of this Gospel reading and there would be a lot of time to complete an activity in Children’s liturgy, what could you prepare for children’s liturgy?  Maybe a dance to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem or perhaps a frieze of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem making the figures and of course a donkey.   Please have a go at preparing an activity.


Lord Jesus,

Prince of Peace and King of the World,

We pray that (what will you ask here?)

And that your peace will spread throughout the whole world today

And touch the lives of everyone.



Your mission today is:  Do not always believe you are right and others are wrong but treat people the way you would want to be treated. Well done!