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Week 7 - Biscuit Bear

Biscuit Bear

Lesson 2 - Design a new Biscuit Bear


* What do your favourite biscuits have on them? Icing? Sprinkles? Chocolate?

* Either on the sheet below, or in your workbook (you will need to draw a bear outline), design a brand new Biscuit Bear. Think about using lots of different ingredients, colours and patterns.

* Write some sentences to describe your new Biscuit Bear, using 'he' or 'she':


Superheroes & Pirates: 3 + sentences, using 'and', Phase 5 phonics, and some exciting describing words.

Aliens & Monsters: 3 simple sentences, using 'and' if you can, Phase 3 phonics, and some describing words.


* Remember to use your sound mat to help you with your spelling *

Lesson 3 - Roll Up! Roll Up!


* You are going to design a poster to invite people to the Biscuits Bears' circus (see image below)!

* You can use your workbook or a blank piece of paper.

* You will need to include: where it is; When it is; how much it costs to get in; what acts they will see; why they should come.

* Use a combination of drawings and labels on your poster.

* Remember to use your sound mat to help you with spelling *​​​​​​​

Lesson 4 - Join the Circus!


* Watch the clip (below) from 'The Greatest Showman'.

* If you joined the circus, what would your act be, and why? Would you be an acrobat? A juggler? A lion tamer? The ringmaster? 

* In your workbook or on the sheet below, draw a picture of yourself doing your chosen circus act, and write some sentences about it:


Superheroes & Pirates: 3+ sentences, using 'and' and 'because', Phase 5 phonics, and describing words (e.g. fun, dangerous, exciting).

Aliens & Monsters - 3 simple sentences, using 'and' and Phase 3 phonics.


* Use the word mat below, and your sound mat *

The Greatest Showman - The Greatest Show (Reprise)