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Week 6 - The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Lesson 2 - Recount


* Read the story through again (PPT above).

* Retell the story verbally to an adult / older child, including as much detail as you can.

* Write a sentence for each picture on the recount sheet below (or in your work book):


Aliens & Monsters - a simple sentence for each picture, using Phase 3 Phonics and 'and'.

Superheroes & Pirates - a more detailed sentence for each picture, using Phase 5 Phonics, 'and' and 'because'.


Year 1s - You need to start most of your sentences with 'On (+the day of the week)'. Remember, days of the week need capital letters, which they don't have on your sheet. Look at the poster below before you begin, then move it while you work.


* Remember to use your sound mat when sounding out words, and the word mat below for key words *

Lesson 3 - Story Plan


* You are going to plan a new story for the Grinlings!

* Either complete the sheets below, or draw out the sections in your workbook:


Setting - the lighthouse and / or the cottage.

Characters - Mr & Mrs Grinling, maybe Hamish, plus any other new characters you want to include.

Problem - what problem do the Grinlings have this time? 

Solution - how will they try (and fail) to solve the problem, and how will they finally solve it?


Draw 6 pictures to show the different parts of your new story (see the sheet below for the headings if you are doing it in your workbook).


* This is a plan, so note form / bullet points etc. is fine.

Lesson 4 - Write Up


* Using your story plan, sound mat and word mat, today you will be writing up your new story, either on the sheet below or in your workbook.

* Complete your new story’s title: ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s.......... (e.g. lost mop)’.

* Write a sentence for each picture on your plan:


Aliens & Monsters -  6 simple sentences, using Phase 3 Phonics and 'and'.

Superheroes & Pirates - a more detailed sentence for each picture, using Phase 5 Phonics, 'and' and 'because'.