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Week 4 - Mad About Minibeasts!

Mad About Minibeasts!

Lesson 2 - Describing Mini Beasts!


* Go out into your garden / local area and see what mini beasts you can find!

* Talk to an adult / older child about how you could describe them (e.g. slugs are... slimy, brown, fat, slow).

* Draw 5 pictures of different mini beasts in your workbook / on the sheet below.

* Write what they are underneath (use the word mat below).

* Write some describing words for each mini beast you have drawn. Try to use some that don't describe what they look like (e.g. slugs - slow):


Superheroes & Pirates: 3 different describing words for each mini beast. 

Aliens & Monsters: 1+ different describing word(s) for each mini beast. 


* Use your sound mat to help you sound out the describing words.

Lesson 3 - List Poems


* Read the poem below. What do you notice about the beginning of each line? This is called a list poem. This one rhymes, but they don't have to.

* You are going to turn your work from last lesson into a list poem called 'In my garden'.

* Your poem will look like this:


In my garden...


   I can see a (describing word) (mini beast).

   I can see a... etc.


* You can write it out in your workbook or complete the sheet below. You must choose a different describing word for each mini beast.


Aliens & Monsters - 5 simple lines ('I can see a fat slug.')

Superheroes & Pirates - 5 lines, using and ('I can see a fat and slow slug.')

Lesson 4 - Alliteration


* Read the poem 'In the Shipwreck, Under the Sea' (below).

* What do you notice about the word used to describe each animal? It starts with the same letter! This is called alliteration.

* Can you describe some objects around your house using alliteration? e.g. the frosty fridge; the cosy cushion.

* You are going to write an alliterative poem about mini beasts, either in your workbook or on the sheet below.

* It will look like this:


   In my garden, there are...


   10 slimy slugs

   9 (describing word) (mini beast)



Superheroes & Pirates - 9 mini beasts with alliterative describing words.

Aliens & Monsters - 4 mini beasts with alliterative describing words.


* Remember to use your sound mat and the mini beasts word mat.