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Week 11 - Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish

Lesson 2 - Sequencing & Verbal Retelling


* You may wish to listen to the story again before you start today's task *


* Either cut out & stick in order the pictures below, or number them from 1-6.

* Verbally retell the story to a grown up / older sibling. You may like to act it out using the stick puppets or masks.


 Make sure you use full sentences, joining them with time wordsdescribing words and other interesting vocabulary:


e.g. 'One day, a little blue fish begged Rainbow Fish for one of his shiny scales.'



Lesson 3 - Retell in Writing


* Today you are going to retell all / part of the story. 


Year 1s (not Aliens or Monsters) - Retell the story using the 7 pictures on the sheet below. Write in full sentences, with time words, describing words, joining words ('and', 'because') and interesting vocabulary. Remember finger spaces, full stops, and capital letters at the start of sentences and for names. Remember Phase 5 Phonics and correct spelling of Tricky Words.


Aliens, Monsters & Monkeys - Write a full sentence for each of the 2 pictures, explaining how Rainbow Fish felt and why (try to use 'because'). Remember finger spaces and full stops, and capital letters if you can. Remember Phase 3 Phonics and correct spelling of Tricky Words.


Reception Class (not Monkeys) - Write a simple sentence about how Rainbow Fish was feeling in the picture. Say the sentence out loud first and count the words. Try to use finger spaces, Phase 2 Phonics, and spell some Tricky Words correctly (e.g. 'the').

Lesson 4 - What does the story teach us?


* Rainbow Fish is a story with a message to us all - what do you think it might be?

* When Rainbow Fish refused to share his scales, how did he feel? What about when he shared them out, and was no longer the most special fish in the ocean - how did he feel then? What does this tell us about what is important?


Year 1 (not Monsters or Aliens) - Complete the speech bubble, using 'I', to show what Rainbow Fish has learnt. Write in full sentences, with time words, describing words, joining words ('and', 'because') and interesting vocabulary. Remember finger spaces, full stops, and capital lettersat the start of sentences and for names. Remember Phase 5 Phonics and correct spelling of Tricky Words.


Reception + Monsters & Aliens - Either: Complete the speech bubble, using 'I', to show what Rainbow Fish has learnt. 

                                         Or: Make a video using the Rainbow Fish mask, explaining as Rainbow Fish what you have learnt.