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Think about why these characters are superheroes. 


They all help people and have super powers.



There are a lot of real life superheroes in our community that do important jobs and help people. Some examples of those are below. What other jobs can you think of?

For this week, I would like you to imagine you are a superhero!

What would your super powers be? What would your name be? What would your costume look like? How could you help others? How would you get around? 


You could design and make your superhero in any way you would like -

Draw/paint it

Use material to make costumes

Use boxes/craft materials to make your transport

Dress up and take photos

Label the parts of your costume

Write about your super powers and how you can help others, why you are the best superhero

Create a story about your superhero


Don't forget to put photos on tapestry of what you do. I look forward to seeing your creations!