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st thomas catholic Voluntary Academy

We serve god, when we work and play together


We know how exciting snow is so where possible get outside:

Build a snowman

Have a snowball fight (with people who want to do that with you)

Make a snow angel

Go for a walk in the snow and look at the trees and grass and the world around you......

If you live near a hill - go sledging if you can

Take some pictures and send them to your teacher.....

Try to spend as much of the day as you can away from a screen/ computer/ console/ TV


Other ideas for working today


Write a poem about snow/ fun in the snow/ school being closed

Write a snow based story

Look out your window - create a snow sketch - get in as much details as you can

Make a hot drink - hot chocolate anyone? - can you write the instructions how to?

Write the rules for a snowball fight - or the instructions to build the perfect snowman





Remember - if you do go on a device - you have access to Century, :letterjoin, Times Table Rockstars, Numbots etc!