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Science Week Beginning 1st June 2020 Task Sheet

Science Week Commencing 18th May 2020


Re-cap the work you have produced on scientists and inventors that you have in your fact file.


Read through fact cards about other inventions.


Complete all about inventions sheet, or you could make a poster about this instead.


Complete the map to show where  inventions were invented or discovered.

Science week 5. Week beginning 11th May

Look at Electromagnetism Powerpoint


Recap magnetism from previous years. Complete investigation on how magnetic forces act through different materials.


Complete timeline about electromagnetism ( cut and stick).


Think about different poles. Predict if two magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which way the poles are facing. What did you find?

Science week beginning 5th May 2020


Discuss what an igneous rock is. 


Watch You Tube ( with an adult) this describes the 4 layers of the Earth’ surface.


Watch Twinkl Powerpoint on Inge Lehmann

Children to add to fact file facts about Inge Lehmann using the fact cards given.


Our new science topic is all about scientists and inventors.

Lesson 1


Look for plants in your own environment. Draw and label your favourite plant. Must include root, stem, flower, leaf. Colour in.

Research Joseph Banks, how and where did he discover new plants? 

Begin your own fact file on Scientists and Inventors. Start with writing all you know about Joseph Banks.

Lesson 2


Discuss why do we need bones?

Read facts on Marie Curie from Twinkl information.

Write notes in your fact file regarding Marie Curie. 

Look at x-ray images supplied.


Mini Quiz – can you guess which parts of the body the x rays are taken from?

Lesson  3


Look at the PowerPoint about George Washington Carver.


Discuss what a slave is. 


Complete comprehension sheet on his life and inventions. Add some facts about him to your fact file. 


Discuss the impact of slavery in his life. Did it help or hinder him?

PowerPoint about George Washington Carver

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