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Week 1: Use the tree & plant hunt sheets to see how many you can safely spot in your garden/local area. If you prefer, this can also be done via street view on google maps using an area of your choice. Present your findings in the style of a poster (electronic or paper).

Week 2 - can you become a tree and plant fact finder and answer all of the questions?

Week 3 (Summer term - week 1) - seasons. 1. Use the powerpoint link and attached documents to explore the four seasons we experience each year. 2. Demonstrate what you know about the 4 seasons by using the tree templates to draw what you believe the tree would look like during each season. 3. Write a few sentences about each tree. Explain how you believe the tree would look during that season and tell me about anything else you know that occurs within nature at this time.

Seasons video 1

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Seasons video 2

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Seasons video 3

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Seasons video 4

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Summer Term Week 2 - It's experiment time! Follow the experiment instructions to create your very own rainbow! Record what you did and what you discovered using the experiment write up sheet. If you could take a photo and email to , we would love to see your creations!

Summer Term - Week 3. Across the next week, record the weather! You can use the weather record sheet provided, or draw something similar in your home learning book. You can even follow the instruction to make your own rain gauge and record how much rain you collect each day! We'd love to see your pictures!

Summer Term - Week 4. Create an environment for the animals that live in your garden or the outdoors. We can't wait to see what you make...don't forget to tell us which animals will live in your environment!

Summer Term - week 5 - have a go at creating your own fruity rainbow! Can you create a write up of your experiment after to tell us how it went?

Summer Term - Week 6. Explore your environment!