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Bugs and Minibeasts


Let's go hunting!


What minibeasts can you find in your garden or on a walk? I have added a bug hunt checklist for you to see if you can find any. 


You could choose a minibeast and draw a picture of it and describe it. I have added an observation sheet you could fill in - or you could create your own.

Let's Get Creative!


Minibeasts and bugs live in lots of different places. Could you design and make a bug hotel for them? Or a wormery for worms?


Henry made a great bug hotel! See below for his and other ideas.

Design and Make a Minibeast!


Get your creative fingers ready to make your own minibeast out of junk materials, different craft materials or nature.

Pearl made some beautiful ones last week. See hers and some other examples below:

Henri Matisse


Henri Matisse is a famous artist and created this picture called 'The Snail'.

See if you can be an artist like Matisse and make your own version of 'The Snail'.

See some of the examples below.