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Happy Friday year 3.  How did you do on your spelling test?  Here are next week's spellings.  They all end in 'ary'.  How many words can you think of that end in 'ary'?


For this week's spellings, can you think of a mnemonic to remember the 'ary' spelling pattern? Here is an example of a mnemonic:











Every Friday, I will give out the list of spellings to learn for the following Friday's spelling test.  If you could test your child on their spellings, that would be great.  


Here are some activities to help practise the words:



Jumble the order of the letters and see if your child can put the words back together.

Countdown-similar to above but if you search for a Countdown timer, this makes the game fun as they have 30 seconds to complete the word.

Creating a rhyme for a word.  

Drawing the words.  We do this a lot in year 3 as it helps to make learning spellings visual and fun.  Here is an example:

Picture 1
Picture 1

Finn McCool Reading Comprehension

From the statutory spelling list, choose 4 spellings to focus on per week.  'Look, Cover, Write, Check' with these words, practise handwriting them, jumble the order of the letters or play hangman with the words.