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Down on the Farm

There are lots of animals that live on a farm. Can you think of any?


Sing 'Old MacDonald had a farm' and think of as many farm animals you could do it for and what noises they make. 


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to see what animals there are and where they live on a farm. 

I have also added some more farm animal activities.

Design and Make Project


Can you design and make a new farm?


Think about what animals will be on it.

Think about where they will live.

Have a look at some of the examples below:


You could add in farm animal figures if you have them or make your own using toilet rolls, card, or paper. Some of the examples use cereal as a base to add texture and sound. 

Food art


Lots of food is grown or produced on a farm, for example vegetables, fruit, crops, milk, cheese.


An artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo used food (particularly fruit and vegetables) to make art. Click the link below to watch a video about him and his art work.


See if you can design your own face using fruit. You can either use real food, draw food or use the food cut outs below. I look forward to seeing your designs!