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The original video wasn't working because of the sound (Thank you for letting me know!) I have added a link to the video so hopefully this will work. 

Olaf would love to see what Summer is like.


What things does he say he will do in Summer?


Do you think Olaf would be ok in Summer? (If he didn't have his own personal snow flurry like at the end of the film!) What would happen to him? Why?


Imagine you are with Olaf and you are taking him out for the day in Summer. Could you write a sentence or a story about your day with Olaf? Think about using a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence, finger spaces between the words and a full stop at the end. 

Use your phonics knowledge to sound out the words you want to write.

(Parents, try to see what they can do just using phonics instead of making sure every word is spelt correctly e.g. 'I wood taik him to the beech.' would be a great sentence as it shows them using the phonics knowledge they know.)




Below is an example of some simple phonics planning and some activity ideas. These can be adapted to any sound. When we introduce a new sound, we practise reading it in words by blending the sounds together on one day, then the next day we look at spelling words with that sound in. 


Don't worry about whether your child is getting behind with phonics (or any other work). There will be no expectation that they should have covered everything when we go back to school. This is just here as a guide in case you wanted to do anything. 


This week I have added examples of activities based on the oi (coin) and ear (beard) sounds.

The following is a link to phonics videos that are linked to each sound.


There is also a section that links to supporting children to blend if this is an area you want to develop.

Dough Disco!


We started doing dough disco at school before we closed to help our fine motor skills. There are lots on YouTube at the moment and it is great fun!


Just type dough disco into YouTube and you will find lots of videos.