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Welcome to Class 5F!


Hello and welcome to year 5's class page!

We will try and keep you up to date with all the activities and exciting events as we go through the year. I will update the following week's themes and topics ready for a Monday morning. We are using Century Tech as a way of helping the children to catch up on work they missed in school at the end of last year. The children have been sent home with their username and password but if you are having problems logging in, please let me know and I can reset both the username and password. You may need the class code to log in which can be found along with the link to century below. The class will be set a piece of homework as an assignment each week will be due on Thursday evening.  We also expect the children to be accessing TT Rockstars to help with their table knowledge and fluency. They know their username and password but again, if you need any help then please email me.  As a school, we have set the expectation that the children should be reading at least 5 times a week. It would be great if you could sign the diary and add a comment to let us know that you have talked to them about what they are reading.  There are spellings sent home on a Friday and tested the following week. The spellings, if your child has lost them, are in the files below.

Thank you for all your support with settling the children back to school over the last couple of weeks, it really is wonderful to have a full and active class again!

God bless

Mrs Fitzpatrick and Mrs Wyles                                                         Children have received a username and password Class code LUJ73A      Username - First 3 letters of 1st and last name Password - they know!


This week's learning includes:


Relative clauses 

Direct speech

Simple past and present perfect tenses

Addition and subtraction methods

Class news

In line with our revised spelling guidance, from this week, spellings will be given out on Fridays with the test the following Friday. There will now be only 16 spellings including our word of the week. Your child will be coming home with their spelling score on their new set of spellings to share with you. Children who do not wish for their score to be read out in class will be given their score privately.  We are working on tenses in SPaG over the next week. I will put some links on below. Have a great weekend and keep up the TT Rockstars work!

Mrs Fitz


A few parents have asked about how they can best support their children's learning at home. The two biggest ways are by practicing spellings every week including writing them in sentences to help with application and understanding and also by climbing the ranks through TT Rockstars. So much of the maths we do has roots in being secure in times tables and the TT Rockstars app is a brilliant resource to help with this. If your child needs their login details again, please let me know. Our class novel this term is Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. It would be great if a few more children could get their own copy which they could read in class when we work on the book. It can be found on eBay and Amazon as well as other book shops. I will also try and add some websites which will help to consolidate the work we are doing in class each week. Please keep checking back regularly for the links which will be added below.

TT Rockstars                                                      

Hit the Button                                                    


BBC Bitesize (general English skills)                

This week's SPaG topic is: Future perfect tense