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st thomas catholic primary

We serve god, when we work and play together

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher - Mr G Lobb
Deputy Headteacher - Mr M Sellors
Business Manager - Mrs E Pugh
Administration Assistant - Mrs D Brown

Caretaker: Mr L Page



Year Groups


 Teaching Assistant



Miss A Wragg

Mrs C Ball,

 Mrs G Shelbourne



 Year 1

Miss L Burt

Mrs L Allan(am),

 Miss B Horspool (pm)


 Year 1/

 Year 2

Mrs S Law

Mrs A Wyles,

Mrs D Gibbons (am)


 Year 2

Miss A White

Mrs P Coyle


 Year 3

Miss S Weedop

Mrs Z Checkley,

Miss B Horspool (am)


 Year 4

Miss L Woodings/

Miss L Read

Mrs A Lang


 Year 5

Mr M Sellors

Mrs A Fitzpatrick,

Mrs C Smith


 Year 6

Mr A Gotheridge

Mrs P Riley

Mrs J Kilbourne PT - PPA and Management cover 

Miss B Grainger - PPA PE teacher

Miss G Wyles and Mrs S Marshall are teachers who are currently on maternity leave.


PPA is covered by Mrs J Kilbourne, Mrs A Wyles, Mrs A Fitzpatrick, Mrs C Ball and Miss B Grainger



Midday Supervisors:

Mrs P Attwood

Mrs D Brown

Miss R Cook

Mrs J Guilford

Miss A Manners

Mrs J Martinazzoli

Mrs C Steele